ABOUT CULTURAL JET LAG: If you’ve traveled between timezones, you may have experienced jet lag. Your body is in one time zone but the sun, moon and stars seem to be moving in another. You feel disconnected from time and place. In the same way, many Third Culture Kids (TCKs) brought up between countries experience Cultural Jet Lag.  Feeling disconnected from their parent’s home culture and detached from the other cultures to which they are exposed, TCKs integrate these cultural fragments into a unique “third culture” mosaic.

For TCKs, identity is complicated. They are raised in the margin between worlds. While exhibiting cross-cultural competence, they tend to skirt the edges of culture with a scrutinizing eye. As spectators, TCKs often demonstrate a more astute understanding of culture than their mono-cultured friends, paying particular attention to the visceral dynamics of things like patriotism, religiosity, politics, etc.[2]

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I am an adult TCK – a chameleon – culturally dissonant.  My passports (5) say: Citizen: USA. Birthplace: Japan.  Stamps: 50 countries.

This blog is an exercise of identity. These entries capture the journey of a global nomad, struggling to make sense of faith, culture, politics, and the world. Many posts grapple with my reluctance as an evangelical. I hope  these views can be valuable for the church to see herself from the outside – to observe cultural underpinnings and their implications on faith and society.

Professionally, I am an independent filmmaker with degrees in theology (BA) and Mass Communications (MA).  I am delightfully married to a professor.


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