TCK Takeaway: Countering Simulation Culture

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Observation Post

1. Pray. Prayer tunes us in to what God is doing in us and around us, shedding light on what is artificial or hyperreal.

2. Make memories. When those important moments in life happen, ask someone else to take a picture so that you can experience it as fully as you can. Chances are that everyone else will already be hiding behind a camera or smart phone and you might be the only real face in picture! Go old school and retell that important moment in story to reinforce the memory.

3. Read your Bible. Devotionals and spiritual resource books are great supplements, but don’t let them override your own Bible study time.

4. Don’t Porn. There is nothing true or authentic in pornography and it only serves to enslave you to something that’s not real.

5. No gadget time with kids. If your kids are pros at the iphone or facebook, it might be because you are spending too much time with those things instead of them.

6. Worship anyway. Be aware that entertainment and spectatorship foster self-worship. If you become mesmerized by the show, ask yourself who is the object of your worship. You alone can’t change culture, but you can change your heart, and that’s a great starting place for changing culture.

7. Tithe. There really isn’t an excuse not to tithe. If you seriously have no cash, give your time or talent. Give more than you consume.

8. Serve. Get outside of yourself for awhile and see what is really going on in the world around you.

9. Share. Spend time developing real relationships by sharing time, meals, dreams, fears, and prayers with other people.

10. Watch your language. Instead of using clichéd words like “gospel” or “community”, use a thesaurus and find other ways to communicate what you mean, and make sure to mean what you say.


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