The foreign money jar gets some inspiration

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Observation Post

Every good TCK has a wad of left-over foreign cash stored away from their travels (unless, of course, they are a very good TCK and deposit their unused, post-trip money in a UNICEF collection bin in the airport). I recently found my global cash stash and was struck again by the beautiful colors and design work. After spending too much time with American green-backs, my jar of foreign cash gleams as brightly as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

I’m always under the impression that I will return one day and having some loose change when I hit the ground for a taxi ride or bottle of water will come in handy. Unfortunately, with the rapid global changes taking place these days, so much of the money looses it’s value either through inflation or getting pulled from circulation–or worse yet, I never go back.

I decided that these bills needed better use, and thus the money art began. I selected my favorite bills from  my stash and my husband’s stash, including some money from our honeymoon in Japan and Mongolia. Then I laid them out in two frames that I painted. I also selected a few coins and placed them in a rugged barn wood frame my brother had made for me. It was hard to narrow down my selections, and even harder to choose which side of the bills and coins to use.

These pictures now hang in our kitchen sunroom as perfect party conversation starters, and ready to use in case of emergency travel!

foreign coins grace an old wood framecoins from our travelsforeign money art
foreign bills make nice artBeautiful colors and design of foreign money

Momento from our honeymoon in Mongolia

  1. nina says:

    How did you make the bills stay in place? mine fall down..

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