TCK Takeaway: 10 Practices of Love in your Religious Activities

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Observation Post
  1. It’s about God, not about you. It’s through experiencing the great love of God and understanding the nature of Christ’s sacrifice for us that we are taught how to love.
  2. Love God back. We are told that the greatest commandment is to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.
  3. Love your neighbor as yourself–this includes those of lower economic or social class. Be careful of  factors related to privilege and power when developing these relationships.
  4. Judge your heart. What is the true motivation behind your religious activities?
  5. When giving, consider the long-range and big-picture. For instance, if an organization is drilling a well in a community that needs water, think about the less glamorous aspects of sustainability like well maintenance, irrigation, water containers, training, salary for support staff, etc. Are you willing to meet these less glitzy needs?
  6. When volunteering, offer your skills but be willing to do whatever is most needed – even if it means cleaning toilets or answering phones.
  7. Rather than raising money to go somewhere on a work-missions trip, consider giving money to hire locals to perform the same task.
  8. When leading, turn on your manipulation radar. Are you coercing others in order to accomplish selfish goals or meet an unfulfilled need?
  9. Be reverent with the Holy Scriptures. Seek deep understanding to the point of conviction paying careful attention to context and history. Be careful not to misinterpret a text to support your ideas and agenda, however good they may be.
  10. Before you start a new ministry or non-profit, learn about what others are doing. It may be more efficient and powerful to work together, gleaning from their experience and failures and building on their successes. Besides, competition amongst churches and charities doesn’t really help those in need and can limit resources. Before you start something new, know your motives.

Love takes time to listen and learn before acting. You may be surprised by what this will require of you.

  1. Derek Nicol says:

    I need to print this out and go through this one by one to reflect on some of these. I wonder if I’m inadvertently doing anything these points caution me not to.

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