TCK Takeaway: 10 Habits for Avoiding Evangelical Consumerism

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Observation Post
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After writing the post Consumerism for the masses; Mass for the consumer, I took some time to reflect on how one might engage in worship without succumbing to the lure of religious consumerism.   As we grapple with troublesome cultural trends within our churches, the temptation may be to withdraw. However, the best way to change culture, is to change our own habits. At the heart of worship is Christ. Taking time to experience him in simple ways without the hype of pop-culture drama, can do wonders for renewing the soul. Below is a list of 10 practices that I have found helpful in resisting consumerism and refocusing on Christ.  This is not an exhaustive list and so I welcome additions from readers!

1. If you find yourself in a church that uses self-service communion snack-packs, administer the elements to your friends or neighbors, reminding them that this is the blood and body of Christ broken and shed for them. Give to another rather than take for yourself.

2. Invite friends to your home for a simple meal of bread, soup, and wine. Spend time talking about Christ. Confess to one another and remind one another of Christ’s forgiveness.

3. Once a year, partake in communion by celebrating the Passover meal. Think on Christ.

4. Join the global church in the daily lectionary readings of the liturgical calendar. Listen for the bigger movements of the Spirit throughout the world.

5. Memorize some ancient prayers. Allow yourself to dive into deeper understanding with each recitation.

6. Participate in the feasts and liturgical seasons. Take part in the story of Christ’s life as it unfolds throughout the year.

7. Practice no-consumption Sundays: don’t buy or consume anything at church except for Christ.

8. Attend a mid-week Eucharist service somewhere.

9. Pray for your church leaders.

10. Don’t be a chronic church-hopper. Settle somewhere and accept your church, culture-blemishes and all, as Christ accepts her. You will never find a church that doesn’t beat to a cultural drum of one sort or another.

  1. Derek Nicol says:

    You know how to combat consumerism well! Thanks for this.

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